Rain In Endless Fall


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Maik Krause
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Maik Krause Not only to support nice people from my hometown area - this is just a great record to listen to! Favorite track: Clayfighter.
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released March 20, 2015



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IN TRADITION Essen, Germany

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Track Name: Clayfighter
your mouth was like a gun so many times and every word you've said was a shot right to my heart you've said that i'm a born loser ok i'm not william wallace and my live is not brave heart i got my boxing-gloves on to knock your lies out but i'm not your clayfighter if you need me next time don't count on me cause i'm not your clayfighter every single day with you was waisted time and our relationship just a cheap big lie you are the rain in endless fall your perfume smells like betrayal you don't need enemies if you've got a loving heart fuck you
Track Name: Nothing Gold Can Stay
every summer i can find myself caved in my basement i play hide and seek against the clock cause i'm not ready to grow up now i remember those summer nights when we were 16 sitting on my rooftop throwin empty bottles into the neighbors backyard now i know those moments are worth more than gold so many things have changed now but the trees in our street are still the same and the years passes by cause nothing gold can stay
Track Name: Skateboard (ft. nils)
you push me away but i want some more you roll away after i fail to many fractures so many scars i fucking hate you but i can't give up skateboard cause i love you so much
Track Name: Rain In Endless Fall
my time is running out i can't find my crown i was the king of my castle and now i have to sleep in the ruins you have left and i speak to myself every day ignore the pain i wish you could stop the rain in endless fall the citylights lost their shine at the places where we first met time for regrets i search for something that gives me shelter from the rain i'm trapped inside your lies and my friends turned away from me it's raining all the time since you've said goodbye and it's safe to say that this story ends better without you i hope wherever you are that the fucking weather is better there
Track Name: Backpack
i breathe in and i breathe out before the water filled my lungs it's time to say goodbye i sink into a backpack full of memories and sharp objects i thought i never live without you i thought you never live without me and i look into the sky with the hands in my pocket dark clouds are over me i walk through the rain in endless fall and i paint some pictures without you in my head and i paint some pictures without you without you in my head i hope i'm better off without you the cigarette smoke burns in my eyes all i want is to fall asleep to close my eyes and just fall asleep i'm so sick and tired can't get your voice out of my head i hope i'm better off without you can't get your face out of my mind i hope I'm better off without you i wish i'm better off without you i know i'm better off with out you